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Beyond Wonderland Music Festival 0

My Rating: Love It Why Go: Costs: $75 – ticket $20 – park $80 – hotel $10 – taxi $9/alcohol drink $4/water Beyond Wonderland is an anual music rave with an “Alice and Wonderland” theme held east of Los Angeles in San Bernardino in March. This party had really cool art objects, weird shit, great music, and tons …


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Sykes Hot Springs 0

My Rating: Love It Why Go: Sykes Hot Springs is a 10 mile hike into Big Sur National forest in mid California on the coast.  Big Sur is one of the most beautiful nature areas I’ve seen.  As you hike through the mountains there are tons of green trees and views of the pacific ocean. …

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Pizza Port Solana Beach 0

My Rating: Like It Why Go: This pizza restaurant in Solona Beach which is right near Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, and Del Mar is usually busy.  It’s got a nice vibe with a bunch of big bench seats.  Often different parties sit together at the same table which can afford the opportunity to meet new people. …

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Voyeur Nightclub San Diego 0

My Rating: Love It. Why Go: Great House DJ’s, Great dancing energy, Cool interior design with awesome light display wall, Good drinks

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Burning Man 0

What is burning man?  I found out about burning man when I was soaking in Mammoth Hot Springs.  There was a group of people there who started talking about it.  Some of them had gone and others wanted to go.  I can’t remember exactly what they told me but I knew that I wanted to …

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Posted on: 01-6-2011
Posted in: Festivals & Events, Loved It, Nevada

Cardiff by the Sea, California, USA 0

My Rating: Love it. Why Go: Good surf, Good energy from people, Beautiful, Nice neighborhood to live, Seaside Market, Bike/walk path along the ocean, Campgrounds on the beach, VG Donuts.

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